Weber and Olcese, PLC is a law firm that represents creditors against consumers.

They file lawsuits against consumers to try to collect money for their clients.

Why did Weber and Olcese, PLC file a lawsuit?

They filed a lawsuit because their client said you owed money to their client. Weber and Olcese, PLC is acting as an agent for their client. They have not purchased this debt. Usually when they file a lawsuit they will ask the court to award them the full amount claimed plus attorney’s fees plus pre and post judgment interest Learn more about what they can ask for in the lawsuit. You should take any court action against you seriously. Ignoring the lawsuit can make the situation worse.

If they take a judgment against you, they may be able to:

  • Freeze your bank account (Learn more about Bank Garnishment)
  • Take your paycheck in most states (Learn more about Wage Garnishment)
  • In some states, go after retirement savings
  • Sell unprotected assets including homes, cars, jewelry

How do I know if I have been sued?

Usually when Weber and Olcese, PLC files a lawsuit, the first you learn of it is by consumer attorneys mailing you asking you to hire them. It can take days to months before you are served with the lawsuit. You can check to see if you have been sued by Find a Court Website Online. Once you are served with the lawsuit, you need to answer it within a time frame required by the state. If you need help answering a lawsuit, contact a consumer credit attorney.

Can I contact Weber and Olcese, PLC’s client directly?

Usually when a creditor sends a debt to Weber and Olcese, PLC to collect, they usually do not speak to you. If you call them, they will most likely ask you to call Weber and Olcese, PLC. Even if you make an arrangement with the creditor directly, you will still need to contact the law firm to make sure that the lawsuit reflects the new agreement. If you do not work out a resolution directly with Weber and Olcese, PLC, then you risk them continuing with the lawsuit and they may take a judgment against you. If you need help negotiating a settlement, contact a consumer credit attorney.

Weber and Olcese, PLC is a debt collector too

Received a letter from Weber and Olcese, PLC? They usually will send a demand letter before they file a lawsuit against a consumer. This letter should state who their client is and how much money they are trying to collect from you. DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER. If you receive this letter, you may want to send a letter to them disputing the account. Weber and Olcese, PLC is acting as a third party debt collector that is governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This means that if you discover problems with the way they are collecting the debt you may have more leverage against them when trying to resolve your lawsuit or debt collection issue.

Dispute with Weber and Olcese, PLC

Since this law firm is a third party debt collector outside of the lawsuit, you can dispute with them about the debt they are trying to collect.

The process of disputing after receiving the demand letter

  1. Send the Sample Dispute Letter to Weber and Olcese, PLC
  2. Mail the dispute letter via Certified Mail to them.
  3. Check in 7 to 10 days at the tracking number to make sure it was delivered.
  4. Wait 30 days for their response
  5. Evaluate their response to see if there are problems with the response.

What to look for in their response?

  1. Did they clearly state the amount they claim owed.
  2. Did they clearly state who the debt is owed?
  3. Did they respond within 30 days of receipt of your dispute?
  4. Did they file the lawsuit before they answered your dispute?
  5. Are there any other problems you see? If your state requires them to be registered as a Debt Collector, are they registered? See States that Require Debt Collectors to be Licensed

How do I contact Weber and Olcese, PLC?

PO Box 1330

Birmingham, MI 48012

Website |

Phone Number | (866) 816-8118

When dealing with a law firm it may be best to be represented. They have attorneys and so should you.

Find an Attorney

What do I do if I get sued by Weber and Olcese, PLC

  • Do nothing If you do nothing, Weber and Olcese, PLC may take a default judgment against you. They can use that judgment against you. They may be able to go after your bank account, wages in most states, and sell unprotected assets. They can hinder the sale of a property and stop financing for a home. Once a judgment is taken they also may want to settle at a higher percentage rate.
  • Settle with them You can decide to settle with Weber and Olcese, PLC. While they may start by asking for you to pay the full amount they may agree to discount the amount due based on hardships. A consumer credit attorney can assist in settling the debt.
  • Fight the lawsuit You can choose to fight the lawsuit. If you choose to fight, you can often ask for more documentation related to the debt. Using this documentation you might be able to find ways to show the judge that there are sufficient problems in their case that you may not owe them the money. A consumer credit attorney can help fight a lawsuit with Weber and Olcese, PLC.

Weber and Olcese, PLC Complaints and Reviews

You can find complaints and reviews on Weber and Olcese, PLC. Pay attention to what people are saying on reviews and complaints online about them. If you are uncomfortable in dealing with them yourself, you may want to contact a Consumer Credit Attorney

You can read their reviews at: